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I AM DRUMS Book Discussion & Activity Guide (CCSS Aligned!)

Is your classroom or book club reading I AM DRUMS?

Download the Book Discussion & Activity Guide!

It includes Common Core aligned questions and activities for the classroom.


"Songs for Sam(antha)" is 11 original songs written, recorded, and performed by me, Mike Grosso, author of I AM DRUMS. Each song matches with a specific moment in the book.

There are two ways to use this soundtrack to enhance the reading experience:

1) Keep an eye out for the song titles within the text while reading (or use the page numbers next to each song title below) and listen to each song when you reach its corresponding moment.

1. Encyclopedia Toms (p. 11)
2. Your Message Has Been Deleted (p. 16)
3. The Worst Percussionist in Band (p. 54)
4. A Chance to Really Play (p. 83)
5. The Student Who Does Not Surpass Her Teacher (p. 88)
6. Lawnmowing Under the Orb of Death (p. 109)
7. Dr. Pullman's Phone Call (p. 175)
8. Housebound Until Further Notice (p. 180)
9. One Deep Breath (p. 226)
10. Thunderous Applause (p. 227)
11. I'm the One Playing (p. 247)

2) Read the book in its entirety and then listen to the album afterward to experience it a second time in a brand new way.

Choose whichever way is right for you!

Physical CDs will soon be available at CDBaby or order them directly from me by emailing me@mikegrossoauthor.com so we can set up a safe, secure PayPal transaction. CDs will be $8 through CDBaby but only $7 (includes S&H and it will be signed) directly from me.

You can also stream the soundtrack below:


My YouTube channel includes vlogs, a ton of #TheWorldIsADrum videos, and footage of me and my brothers rocking out at the I AM DRUMS Book Launch Party.


Sam's dream of becoming a drummer is born when she sees a video of John Bonham's drum solo from Moby Dick. Here's what Bonham does that leaves such a lasting impression on her.

Sam's journey doesn't stop with her getting the Led out, though. She listens to a lot of great drummers along the way.

Like Buddy Rich, tearing it up in this old video.

Or having a drum off with the one and only Animal from the Muppets.

Another musician Sam discovers is trumpet player Miles Davis, whose drummer, Tony Williams, was a force to be reckoned with. Below is a great video of the two performing together, including a phenomenal solo by Williams.

At one point, Sam searches for examples of girl rock drummers and finds she is definitely not alone in the universe. Karen Carpenter is one of the drummers she discovers.

Here's a nice collection of videos of Karen Carpenter rocking out in various ways.

And here's a video of the more avant garde, amazing Carla Azar rocking out with her band, Autolux.

My first editor at the now defunct Egmont USA was a big fan of the Who, and I still have a copy of "Who's Next" on vinyl that I spin every so often.

Sam's discovery of this little video is my narrative tribute to the wonderful work she did on my book.

And finally, while Rush is a love em or hate em kind of band, I've never heard anyone bad-mouth Neil Peart, and for good reason. He's disgustingly talented and versatile.

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