Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Productivity, Running, and the Really Long Halloween

A student said, "Mr. Grosso? What's today's date?"

And I said, "You can always find the date by looking at the--" I paused. My calendar still said October, even though the passage of time had clearly brought us into November. A perpetual Halloween had apparently taken over my classroom.

Other than that mishap, things have been very productive lately. I have almost 12,000 words done for a book tentatively titled, "Fifth Grade in Boolean Variables." In short, it's a book about an anti-social ten-year-old junior programmer who tries to use computer code to save the life of the first friend he has ever made.This book really started moving shortly after I tried to set it to the side and follow another idea that now has to wait.

I also have another editor getting a second read on I AM DRUMS, so there's a lot to look forward to, even if there's a long road to fruition ahead.

On top of that, I am officially on week two of running every morning. I'm already feeling the benefits of being clearer headed and more energetic for my job, and it's kind of nice to have so much more time to drink my coffee in the morning.

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