Thursday, January 22, 2015

Yesterday's News about Egmont USA

So this sucks.

Egmont, the international media company, has decided to close Egmont USA, its US publishing arm, effectively making its spring 2015 list the last books it will publish. That means I AM DRUMS has lost its publisher, and is now an "orphaned book."

So I'll say it again. This sucks.

It pretty much blindsided everyone. My agent, my editor, and everyone else at the office. The US division was up for sale, but they were making money. There was no fiscal emergency. But this is what happens sometimes in publishing, and there's no point in getting bitter about it, especially when you're some dude who doesn't understand how the business works. The parent company has a strategy, and they are the final say for a reason.

I'm not sad for myself so much as for the wonderful people at Egmont USA. They're the ones who found out yesterday that their job was disappearing in a week and a half. I'm keeping them in my thoughts, especially my editor, Jordan, whose love for I AM DRUMS was unparalleled, and helped make it a better book.

The good news is there's a lot of silver lining. I have a fully edited book, and there's a good chance another editor will pick it up again. I have no idea if said editor will be as special or amazing as Jordan, but my book is far from dead in the water.

The kid lit community has been amazingly supportive. The sheer number of people who've pledge their support for the many authors affected has been empowering and inspiring. I've gotten personal support from several authors orphaned by the Strange Chemistry closing last year, all of whom landed a new home eventually.

Then there's my agent, who's already gotten a handful of editors to take a look at I AM DRUMS, knowing someone believed in it once, and someone should believe in it again. Did I ever mention that literary agents are amazing, life-saving people?

This is crappy news, but it is not life-ending. I'm confident someone will pick up my book again. It will no longer be out by September 2015, so I'm sorry to everyone who's been so anxious to read it come fall.

I'm working on finding it a new home, and I think I will in due time. Stick with me, family and friends. I'll get there.


  1. Looks like you're going into this with the right attitude, Mike. I know it has to hurt in ways many of us can't imagine. I have faith that I Am Drums will find a new home. I just know it. Hang in there, friend.

  2. Orphaned--such an apt label for how you all must have felt at the news. There is genuine grieving, I'm sure, but it also sounds like you've chosen to dive into the acceptance stage--which will help you recognize the next unparalleled editor when they come knocking on your door. All the best

  3. You're taking this far better than I would, Mike. I haven't been able to get you and the other Egmont '15ers out of my head. Kudos to you for confronting what I would see as a major setback with dignity and optimism. We're all rooting for I AM DRUMS.

  4. Great positive post even with this sad news. Best wishes for your book, that it will land in a spot that is perfect for you! :)

  5. Very classy post, Mike! My fingers are crossed for you and all the EgmontUSA authors who WILL find a new forever home who will set you back on the path of publishing. As sucky as it is, and I know how sucky it is, this really is still just the beginning of your career... there are big things ahead of you, my friend!

  6. You guys are all amazing, and thank you for the support and good wishes. I'm staying confident, and hoping the next bit of news will be new home for I AM DRUMS.

    Thank you so much!

  7. Oh Mike, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened with Egmont, but as others have said, you and I AM DRUMS have a bright future ahead of you. This post is a perfect example of why you will continue to get book deals~ perseverance is key!