Sunday, April 24, 2016

"Songs for Sam(antha)" is finished! Here's how to get a FREE copy...

"Songs for Sam(antha): the I AM DRUMS Soundtrack" is finished and ready to rock.

It has soaked in the sun and stored up energy like the J.J. Abrams Death Star 3.0.

And now it's ready for your ears.

Did I mention it's free until the book releases if you've preordered I AM DRUMS? Well, it is. And you can. You should. You must!

Email with proof of your I AM DRUMS book purchase. What will suffice as proof?

1) A receipt for your purchase or picture of you at a book store preordering the book.

2) A screenshot showing your online purchase.

3) A picture of you and the book store clerk drumming on a stack of David Foster Wallace novels.

4) Record yourself sending ESP signals telling the story of where you bought the book so we can test if that sort of thing even works.

5) 3 and 4 are just a joke. Or are they?

Want to hear a few tracks? Hear three full streamable songs below:

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