Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Behind the Soundtrack - "The Worst Percussionist in Band"

SPOILERS AHEAD: Please note that in order to continue blogging about the I AM DRUMS Soundtrack I will have to step into mild spoiler territory. If you haven't read the book yet, do that now.


I knew from the beginning this song had to represent a sad moment in the book. It almost became "Housebound Until Further Notice", but the chorus has an aura of slyness that made it more appropriate for earlier in the book, when Sam is making some questionable decisions.

I've always loved the sound of acoustic and electric guitars with harmonizing dual parts, and that's definitely on display in the second verse. It gives the whole song a hypnotic sound that I hadn't initially intended.

Recording the drums for the bridge was a nightmare. It's not difficult to play, but I recorded it a bunch of times and the groove was always off. Weird, funky, jazzy songs like this don't work unless the groove is as close to perfect as human hands are capable.

I still listen to the bridge and feel like the whole thing is audible trash, but everyone who hears it loves it so I guess I'm the weirdo here.

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