Friday, April 1, 2016

My Next Book!

I'm thrilled to announce my next book! It has taken me a while to decide on a direction for my writing career, but I've found my calling and am happy to be carving out a new path.

I'm excited to announce that next year I will officially publish my first biography. That's right, I'm giving up middle grade literature and becoming a biographer.

Weird, huh? Not really when you think about it.

I've wanted to document the lives of famous drum technicians for a while now. And I finally have the perfect first subject...


I know what you're thinking -- what has Sasquatch contributed to modern drumming? A whole lot, if you look closely.

Sasquatch spent his entire life trying to build a drum set in the woods. A life in hiding made it almost impossible to purchase reliable equipment, and thanks to his gargantuan size, every drum head, pedal, and cymbal exploded after repeated use.

Sasquatch set to work on designing the URDH (Ultra Reinforced Drum Head) when he was a spry young sixteen-year-old. By the time he was seventeen, he had a drum material that could withstand multiple blows from 3S sticks, and even, under certain circumstances, a felled tree.

Following the URDH came the IDC (Interplanetary Drum Collection), a star system in the shape of a five-piece drum set. I am hoping I will be able to end Sasquatch's story with his discovery of a deity capable of playing the IDC, but we'll have to wait and see.

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