Monday, October 3, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, Day 19 -- the Theremin

Don't you dare touch today's instrument! Not because it's against the rules so much as it's unnecessary.

The theremin is the only weird instrument in this series that doesn't require physical contact from the performer (referred to as the thereminist). It's an early electronic instrument patented in 1928 by Russian inventor, Leon Theremin, that came about due to his country's research into proximity sensors. It uses antennas to sense the position of the thereminist's hands, one of which controls oscillators for frequency while the other controls amplitude.

Versions of the instrument have been used in American popular music by the Beach Boys and Led Zepellin (though these are not all true versions of the theremin), and television shows and movies such as the Big Bang Theory and Ed Wood.

Speaking of movies, how about we check out Over the Rainbow played on the theremin?

Tomorrow's instrument has been stringing us along for far too long.

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