Tuesday, March 3, 2020

DRILLY WILLIS Playable Demo Available Now!

There is now an official free playable demo of THE ADVENTURES OF DRILLY WILLIS for Windows PC and Mac OS.

Download the demo for Windows or Mac OS over at Itch -- https://privatepook.itch.io/drilly-willis -- and/or preorder the game below...

Here's the official game synopsis:

"Drilly Willis has a drill for a head, shoots screws at foes, and rocks at guitar. But one night, in an envious rage, Flash Clappy crashes Drilly's concert and banishes them to a world of things that suck.

Now Drilly is stuck in a weird limbo where he must battle odd creatures and relearn every song they once knew to escape. Along the way, they'll fight strange creatures and ally with musical accessories also banished by Clappy. Can Drilly survive in this strange new world and find their way back to the music? Can Flash Clappy, the worst musician in the world, be stopped from banishing all good tunes, instruments, and musicians for eternity?

Only Drilly Willis can save music forever!

Metroid meets Earthworm Jim meets Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure!"

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