Tuesday, October 4, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, Day 20 -- the Pikasso Guitar

Sure, you could bring up the "Rock Ock" 8-Neck Guitar from earlier in this blog series and ask what's so weird about today's instrument, the Pikasso Guitar.

And I could respond by asking you to look at this thing. Just look at it.

It's a visual mind bender. It's a psychotropic experience inside a musical instrument. It might not have as many necks as the Rock Ock, but it's far more practical and the design just boggles the mind.

The Pikasso Guitar was built by master luthier, Linda Manzer, after jazz guitarist Pat Metheny asked her to build a guitar with as many strings as possible. That ended up being 42 strings stretched across four necks and two sound holes. According to Linda Manzer's website (http://www.manzer.com), it took two years to build and is under approximately 1,000 pounds of pressure when tuned to concert pitch.


Check out the video of Pat Metheny playing this bizarre stringed beast below.

Tomorrow's instrument is always performing for cave trolls.

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