Monday, October 10, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, Day 24 -- the AlphaSphere

Here's another one for the electronic musicians... the AlphaSphere!

This is one of those instruments that's pretty cool to look at, and must be a ton of fun to play. It's an electronic instrument designed by Adam Place, founder of Bristol, UK company nu desine (sic).

The idea was to expand the boundaries of electronic musicians by giving them something that plays like a musical instrument. In terms of appearance, it looks like a drum pad and rolled up into a rotational sphere.

Renowned musicians that have used the Alphasphere include Talvin Singh and Enter Shikari.

Looks like a lot of fun, and goes for a little over $800, which is a steal compared to the price tag on our next weird instrument. Speaking of which...

Tomorrow's instrument is more than happy to take the wheel for a while.

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