Wednesday, September 28, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, DAY 16 -- Aeolian Wind Harps

The Aeolian Wind Harp is just that -- a harp played entirely by the wind. Makes sense, since it's named after Aeolus, the Greek God of the wind.

It goes way back, with its first ever mentioning in a book by Althanasius Kircher in 1673. Since then, wind harps have been constructed in many different ways. They are often compared to wind chimes, but it should be noted that wind chimes produce noise from a percussive effect while the Aeolian Harp plays solely harmonic frequencies.

The material used to build the instrument and the speed and style of the wind can have a profound impact on the sound. Below are two videos showcasing two very different moods -- one beautiful and ethereal, and the other somewhat horrifying.

Tomorrow's instrument can be a bit cold-hearted at times.

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