Thursday, September 29, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, DAY 17 -- Instruments Made of Ice by Terje Isungset

Terje Isungset is like Len Solomon in that I could write about him every day and never run out of instruments. Today, however, I will focus on his amazing ability to create and play music with instruments made of ice.

He was a respected musician and composer long before he was commissioned in 1999 by the Lillehammer Winter Festival to perform in a frozen waterfall. He continued to create ice music moving forward, and even has his own independent record company, All Ice Records.

He has moved on to making music with glass as of late, but he remains well known for his Songs of Ice and Fire... cue the groans, George R.R. Martin fans.

Tomorrow's instrument could stand up to Poseidon if it really wanted to.

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