Thursday, September 15, 2016

30 Days of Weird Instruments, DAY 7 – the Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna

Almost anything, when struck appropriately, can be a percussion instrument. The Vegetable Orchestra of Vienna (sometimes called the The Vegetable Orchestra or Vienna Vegetable Orchestra) know this better than anyone.

A group of eleven musicians formed in 1998 have taken to touring the world to perform music with instruments made out of fresh vegetables. And if you're a member of the audience, you can look forward to soup made out of their instruments after the show. This requires them to visit local markets to shop for their instruments before every performance.

A quick glance at their website reveals that they have no band leader, and no one remembers who came up with the idea.

The concept behind their performance has drummed up a ton of questions (and some mild controversy), and they've responded quite thoroughly on the Q&A page of their website.

Tomorrow's instrument has a solid background is carpentry.

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